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All About Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are among the best exterior signage options available to represent your brand. Companies who invest in channel letter signs can be assured that their brand will be identifiable in any weather condition, illuminate brightly without a distracting glare, and can be made large enough to ensure you sign can be seen from near and far. They are easy to maintain, and creativity is unlimited.

We offer several different options to satisfy your desired look.


Face-Lit Channel Letters

These letters are the most common form of illuminated signage. Translucent acrylic faces, illuminated by LED modules, are affixed to the body of the letter with a trim cap. The letters are able to be formed into any shape, logo, or font to express your business’s brand. The acrylic faces are durable and can easily be removed for servicing.

Reverse Lit

Also called back-lit channel letters, these work by reflecting light from the LED lights to the back wall that is mounted for a reflective effect. Instead of acrylic faces, reverse-lit channel letters have an aluminum face with returns to better reflect light. Some brands choose this option because of the way the sign is installed. The sign is mounted on standoffs, away from the building wall and allows the illumination of the LEDs to give off colorful shadows or halo effect by allowing light to spill only from the edges and the backs of the letters. The pros of this unique letterset are:

  • The letter backs are covered with material that prevent birds and insects from nesting inside the letters

  • Letters come more alive at night and produce a luminous glow, so your sign brand isn’t missed

  • Halo lit channel letters are thought to reduce light pollution that gives your brand a more sophisticated look

Trimless Channel Letters

This is the latest and greatest method for channel letters. This method gives your signage a more modern look. Trimless edge channel letters are made without trim caps which results in a more refined look.

Both traditional trim cap letters and trimless letters can be manufactured to be simultaneously face and halo lit.


Our channel letter signs are designed, fabricated, and installed by our experienced technicians. Not only do we fabricate them in-house but with our network of trusted partners you can be assured that your installation and any required maintenance will be handled promptly and professionally. All channel letter sets are internally illuminated with environmentally friendly and energy efficient LEDs.


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