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Celebrating a Long-Standing Partnership: Urban Sign Group and Jersey Mike's Subs

Jim Malin with the owners of Jersey Mike's Lumberton, NJ Franchise

Since 2015, Urban Sign Group has been proud to partner with Jersey Mike's Subs, one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country. Our journey with Jersey Mike's has been a remarkable one, marked by trust, collaboration, and a shared commitment to excellence in franchise branding.

A Strong Partnership Built Over the Years

From the beginning of our partnership, we have completed over 150 sites for Jersey Mike's, showcasing several variations of signage. Our ability to adapt to unique storefront conditions and adhere to Jersey Mike's brand guidelines under any circumstances has been a cornerstone of our success. We have worked with multiple iterations of Jersey Mike's sign guidelines, ensuring that every new store meets the franchise's high standards.

Jersey Mike's Subs oval sign.

Supporting Corporate Vision and Innovation

Our relationship with Jersey Mike's extends to both corporate headquarters and individual franchisees. At the corporate level, we deeply understand the vision behind their brand guidelines. We assist with prototyping and designing new signage concepts as the brand continues to expand into new territories. Our reputation for consistent delivery has earned us the trust of corporate, making us their go-to vendor for various signage needs.

Corporate relies on us to maintain branding consistency across multiple locations. We create sign drawings that are approved by their marketing team and used in lease negotiations, ensuring that every new location aligns with Jersey Mike's brand identity. This consistency is crucial for the success of the franchise as a whole, as a well-executed location contributes to the overall growth of the brand.

Jersey Mike's Subs exterior channel letters over awning.

Building Strong Relationships with Franchisees

Over the years, we have worked with over 50 franchisees, each with varying levels of experience. Some are opening their first franchise location, while others are seasoned operators expanding into new regions. Regardless of their experience level, we take the burden of signage off their plate, providing comprehensive franchise support.

For first-time owners, navigating the complexities of opening a franchise can be overwhelming. Our expertise with Jersey Mike's brand allows us to seamlessly handle new signage projects, ensuring that franchisees can focus on other aspects of their business. Being vetted by corporate means that franchisees can trust us to maintain brand standards without going through the costly and time-consuming process of sourcing and vetting new vendors.

Jersey Mike's Subs Thank you letter.

Our experience also enables us to navigate potential logistical issues with ease, ensuring that the specific signage requirements are met smoothly. During the franchise construction phase, we work closely with franchise contractors to coordinate installation, further solidifying our role as a trusted partner.

Jersey Mike's Subs exterior channel on a building

The Value of a Trusted Partner

Our partnership with Jersey Mike's Subs is a testament to the value of trust and consistency in franchise branding. We are proud to be recommended consistently to various franchisees as a corporate-approved vendor. This endorsement speaks volumes about the quality of our work and the strength of our relationship with Jersey Mike's.

A successful execution of a new location means a successful franchisee, which ultimately contributes to a successful franchise. At Urban Sign Group, we are committed to upholding Jersey Mike's brand standards and supporting their growth journey. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and success with Jersey Mike's Subs.

Jersey Mike's Subs exterior channels on flatbed awaiting delivery.


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