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Conowingo Dam - Neon Restoration

For almost 100 years, the Conowingo Dam has been providing residents of the greater Maryland area with electricity, and now its historic neon sign has been restored. Urban Sign Group undertook the project of restoring the vintage sign, which had fallen into disrepair.

This iconic sign graced the entrance to the Conowingo Dam for several decades and has become a beloved symbol of the region, holding significant meaning for many of the locals. It was in need of an update, however, as its aging components had begun to deter from its original allure.

In December of 2021, the originally letters were replaced with LED Channel Letters... but the owner's of the plant, Constellation Energy, did not want the old historic letters to go to waste.

Urban Sign Group was contacted by Constellation Energy in June of 2022 to help restore the original neon channel letters. After receiving the over 6' tall letters, the neon team got to work creating hand-drawn patterns of the original glass.

Not only did we manufacture new clear red neon units, but also installed new transformers, glass housings, and tube supports. We also took time to clean and polish the stainless steel returns and porcelain faces.

The end result did not disappoint, as the restored sign continues to be admired. It now stands proudly inside the Turbine Hall at the plant, a reminder of the iconic dam and the energy it has provided over the years. Urban Sign Group's restoration of the Conowingo Dam's historic neon sign serves a testament to its expertise in sign restoration and pays homage to our roots in the neon sign industry.


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